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Club maintenance and rink availability times

This website and our annual Club booklet gives information and details of all league and friendly matches, club competitions and social activities.

Outside the times of these activities casual play and practice sessions are encouraged. These sessions are divided into four two hour slots, namely:
10.00hrs to 12.00hrs, 14.30hrs to 16.30hrs, 16.30hrs to 18.30hrs and 18.30hrs to 20.30hrs


 Coaching sessions will be posted on the Notice Board


The rinks are NOT AVAILABLE between:

12.00hrs and 14.00hrs Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays a.m.

(these are the times for the Greenkeepers maintenance).


The last Monday of each month between 09.00hrs and 12.00hrs, is set aside for general
maintenance work.  This is the opportunity for members to give a hand in keeping the green, surrounding areas and the Pavilion in good condition. Please come along to help.

Additional green maintenance/closure dates will be posted on the Notice Board and in the Diary on the Captains Desk.


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